Open and Distance Learning Systems are very popular throughout the world for ensuring quality education in a cost effective manner. The increasing demands for higher education have, over the years, led to the introduction and growth of the Open learning System.  ODL Systems have the potential to provide low cost quality education to all those who seek to acquire new knowledge and technical know-how.

Distance Education Institutions have been established to meet the challenge of large numbers, covering a wide spectrum of age and employment status to be educated or trained and to enable governments to fulfill their obligations within the economic constraints without reducing its sweep of operations.

The pressure of unmet demands, the resource constraint and the inequitable nature of the existing system have made the option of distance education very appealing as a new mode of imparting higher education.

The ‘exciting’ developments of distance education are mainly due to its two cardinal features namely flexibility and productivity which answer the demands of equity, cost effectiveness and opportunities for lifelong education.

The demand for distance courses is increasing day by day because today it is unrealistic to expect that during the relatively limited period of formal education people can develop sufficient knowledge and skill to last a life time in a fast changing social and economic life.

The Universities which are located in different parts of India felt the necessity of establishing counseling centers for conducting contact classes and for affording other necessary facilities to cater to the needs of the students in different parts of India who want to pursue their studies by enrolling as students of the Distance Education.

To emphasize the importance of professional education through distance mode

MESCO CADRE –CENTRE FOR ADVANCED LEARNING THROUGH DISTANCE MODE AND RESEARCH IN EDUCATION was established in 2004 exclusively for the Distance Education Programmes of various Universities to cater to the needs of Students in general and Muslim students in particular.