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Message from the Chairman

MESCO has carved a niche for itself among the various  Socio – educational organization of Hyderabad for its commitment and splendid service to the community in general and Musilims in  particular. It runs schools and colleges, organizes camps and lectures on health awareness, conducts coaching classes for secondary students and has played a noble role in the rehabilitation of earth quake devastated Gujarat in 2001 and Human Riots in Gujarat during 2002.   

MESCO is established during the year 1982 at by a group of young doctors, under the guidance and patronage of eminent senior doctors, gathered to form an educational, social and cultural organization for Muslims. It has played a notable part in the community development. The organization had a wide canvas, taking under its umbrella all segment of society.

There is a Managing Committee of eleven members and the committee is elected every five years. The Society was registered under Public Societies Registration Act 1860 with the registration number 758 / 83 and is registered with the Finance Ministry for exemption of income and tax deduction for donors under I.T Act Section 80G and 12A. 

The primary aim of MESCO is to :

  • Establish Colleges, Hostels, and Hospitals.
  • Promote scientific education for the benefit of economical backward class citizens of India.

·         Organize and conduct classes for students appearing in education / Under Graduate / Post Graduate and Competitive examinations.

  • Give Financial Aid to deserving Students  - Medical  & Technical
  • Provide consultancy services to educational / Vocational Institutions.

The social activities carried out by the organization are

  • Health awareness through medical, dental camps and clinics.
  • Financial aid for educational purposes through scholarships and awards.
  • MESCO Lectures and QUR’AN Project.

The funds for all these activities are raised from : 

  • Zakath
  • Voluntary contribution from members
  • Fee from Institutions.

·         Fee from the medical examination of candidates going to GCC countries and Far – East for employment . Such Courses are:-

·         Dental Hygienic

·         Dental Technician

·         Medical Lab Technician

·         Nursing

·         Computer Sciences

·         Physio- Therapy

·         X –  ray Technician

·         Hospital Administration

·         Creche, Pre – School Management.

MESCO belives that it is the illiteracy, that is leading to social and economic backwardness and efforts should be made to make people literate. And MESCO is working in this direction with great commitment.

Transparency is the hallmark of MESCO, in all its affairs. Its is an open book and it is this commitment that has boosted up its public image and the people are looking towards it as their ultimate hope in meeting their social, economic, educational and medical needs.

I hope and pray that with your continuing support and guidance with critical analysis of our functioning, the organization INSHALLAH Will achieve its goals and come up to the required expectations in its sphere of activities.

                                                                                                         Dr. Fakhruddin  Mohammed